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Road Trip Bingo

Road Trip Bingo

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Classic Fun, No Batteries Required!

Turn the Great American Road Trip into a cross-country scavenger hunt! Keep those peepers peeled and race your opponents to mark off a winning combination of common road trip sightings. Line up five in a row and shout Bingo!" or play a cover-all marathon. Before you know it, the miles will just melt away, and parents won't be hearing "Are we there yet?" ever again!

Nothing beats the excitement of a vacation, but long road trips can fizzle out the fun before you even get there! Keep the crew entertained for hours with Road Trip Bingo! Our Road Trip Bingo offers many different winning board patterns to give every player a greater chance to win. Play with up to 4 players and compete with family and friends. With four boards, Road Trip Bingo can be easily played in the car while travelling. Spot common road trip sightings and mark your board to win.

Road Trip Bingo is a great way to distract the kids in the car. Get their eyes off the screen and onto the bingo board in this perfect travel game. Enjoy the ride, whether long or short, Road Trip Bingo offers easier winning board patterns and challenging board patterns for those longer trips. Road Trip Bingo comes in cute, compact packaging that won't add clutter to the car. Simply slip the small box under a seat or in a seat pocket and you'll have it ready for any trip. Bring Road Trip Bingo with you on your next road trip, short or long.

Why You'll Love It

Road Trip Bingo is an easy game for the whole family to play while travelling. The multiple option of playstyle gives the players choice on how they want to win. No longer will you have to worry about boring car rides, Road Trip Bingo will energize the trip for the whole family.

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