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FIDGET TOY WITH BUILT-IN LED DISPLAY – Thumbler is the first ever handheld spinning top fidget sphere – the ultimate scientific fidget toy that demonstrates STEM principles! Children and adults love playing with spinning tops. Their motion is mesmerizing! At first, a rapidly spinning top appears to be motionless. Eventually the top begins to wobble, slowly at first, and then gradually it wobbles faster before finally falling over. Now, with Thumbler you can enjoy a whole new way of making a top spin and keep it spinning as long as you like! For Child Ages 6 years and older.
  • EASY ACTIVATION – To activate, simply grasp the Thumbler and slowly rotate the device in your hand. Soon you will be able feel the smooth gyroscopic resistance grow as the speed increases
  • SUPER SATISFYING LIGHT-UP SPHERE – The soothing wrist motion and lights are deeply relaxing. Great for stress and anxiety relief.
  • CAPTIVATING DISPLAY OF SWIRLING LEDs – Once the spinner is at maximum speed, your child will experience a mesmerizing display of swirling LEDs and an eye-catching spectacle of changing color.

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