ZoomQube High Speed Electronic Light Game Cube with Sound

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  • ✨6 DIFFERENT GAMES IN ONE CUBE – Light Speed Prime, Light Speed Pro, Pass Out, Rapid Recall, Full Charge, and Sounds Out. Check out our Product Description for further details and specifications on each game. So many ways to play ZoomQube!
  • 😃ANYONE CAN PLAY! – Great games all in one for many ages and skill levels. Compete with your friends for high scores! Recommended for ages 3 and up.
  • 🎒PERFECT ON-THE-GO GAME – ZoomQube is super convenient for travel. Small and compact, it easily fits in any backpack for on-the-go fun with absolutely no fuss and no mess.
  • 🚀AUTOMATIC SCORE TRACKING – Automatically keeps track and announces your score at the end.
  • ⭐AWARD-WINNING GAME – ZoomQube is the newest and upgraded version of the 2008 TOTY Award Winning Game of the Year branded Rubik’s Revolution at the time. Top Secret Toys is proud to manufacture and offer innovative toys and games that help you develop new skills and spark joy every time you play.

Improve Memory, Pattern Recall, & Reaction Time, Play in The Dark, Ages 3+

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