About Us

Hi! Welcome to Leah Jean Boutique!
A Children's Boutique by 2 moms, Brittany Leah and Donna Jean.  

Brittany has 3 kids, Ava, Tucker and Wrenn! 

Donna has 2 little boys, Orren and Walter! 

All 5 kids were born within 5 years! 

Back in 2018 two local businesses had recently closed leaving no where for people in our community to buy good gifts or cute, fun stuff for their kids.  Opening a boutique was something we had talked briefly about but never seriously since we are both full time cosmetologists. Brittany started praying on it and one night the boutique name came to her and she instantly texted Donna (at 2 am) to see what she thought.  Before we knew it the ball was rolling and we jumped right in! 

After MANY middle of the night texting and shopping sessions, we were set to open up our children's boutique. We started small and boy have we grown!  The rest is all history!  Welcome to our website we are very excited to offer you quality products that we as moms love and use on our own babies.