Leah Jean Boutique's Monthly Favorites


Welcome to Donna and Brittany's monthly favorites!!  Each month we will both pick our most recent favorites.  From our go-to's to the most recent finds that we love!

May Favorites

Donna's: Chunkies

The Ooly Chunkies are seriously the best! These are paint sticks. They dry almost instantly, non- toxic, and mess free! Great for littles just learning how to color, up to adults. They go on so smooth and creamy! We carry a variety of colors and sizes of packs. 


Brittany's: Warmies

Warmies are hands down my favorite item we have ever carried!  I have used them starting with a 3 week old baby; providing comfort from acid reflex, keeping kiddos warm in the winter going on car rides, even my own personal comfort!  You can heat them in the microwave or put them in a zip lock bag and put in the freezer for a soft cold pack!  The possibilities are endless!  Bonus- they are SO cute! 

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