Leah Jean Boutique's Monthly Favorites

Welcome to Donna and Brittany's monthly favorites!!  Each month we will both pick our most recent favorites.  From our go-to's to the most recent finds that we love!

April Favorites

Donna's: National Geographic Rock Tumbler

If you know anything about me or my boys, we love rocks! All shapes and sizes, but especially the shiny ones!!! That is what makes this the perfect item! This rock tumbler kit comes with everything you need! You get the tumbler, different strengths of polishing grits and stuff to even make jewelry with your 'gems!' Endless fun for you rock lovers like us!

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Brittany's: JJ Cole 4 Bottle Cooler

I hands down have loved this item for over 6 years!  It is great for the bottle stage, the sippy cup stage, the I need snacks to take along stage, you name it!  Our house still uses this!  It also comes with ice packs!  

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