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Primo Passi

Roller Sunshade (Black) 2Pk

Roller Sunshade (Black) 2Pk

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The Practical Way to Block Sunlight from Baby's Eyes -- Let's face it, car windows don't provide adequate protection from the sun. Blinding sun light can not only be irritating, but instead, become a health risk for your baby. With our 2-pack sun shades, Primo Passi will keep your baby protected from the sun.

These innovative retractable window shades feature a soft and premium safe-view mesh that keeps you shielded without blocking your view. Simply pull the shade down for desired lenght, and with the simple push of a button, the window shades quickly roll-up. Primo Passi Sun safety Shades are the safest and smartest solution to keeping your baby safe from the sun while traveling in the car.

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